The 3 week challenge to transform your team’s work culture

At my last startup Skimlinks, I was really passionate about building culture. After I left Skimlinks, I even consulted on it, teaching leaders how to create and embed specific cultural values into their organisation.

The #1 rule

The key message I taught was this:

Culture is what the CEO and leaders of the company are seen to do, what behaviours they are seen to exhibit, what values they are seen to reward.

If your organisation’s key assets are the creative and productive output of your team members (which unless you are a manufacturing plant or a farm, probably includes your organisation), then surely you want your team working on projects and initiatives that move the needle, rather than spend their days in meetings and answering emails.

So, if leaders want to create a deep work culture and working habits – particularly while working at home alone – that are positive and productive, they need to demonstrate that they work this way too.

Leaders need to instil a ‘deep work’ culture.

One of the most effective methods for ensuring you dedicate chunks of time in your week for deep work are to schedule in a few of our Flocks sessions. What the hell are Flocks, I hear you ask? Well, Flocks are FLOWN’s guided deep work sessions, where you join online, set your goals amongst a community of fellow thinkers, and then work silently together for 1 or 2 hours.

It works for many reasons. Firstly, many of your team are still working alone at home. This is a structured and quick way for them to feel human connection. Secondly, booking a Flocks session prevents your calendar from filling up with meetings and shallow work. Thirdly, sitting in silence while you work with others has a powerful psychological effect on the focus and effort you put into your work. Finally, stating your goals in the presence of others makes you more likely you’ll achieve them.

“Work in silence on Zoom, that sounds bonkers!” I hear you utter… well, it does a bit, but wait til you try it. It works. I’ve consistently had sceptical founders try it, and come back stunned and converted as new fans.

Let us prove it.

To prove to you that Flocks can transform your teams’s productivity, creativity and contentment, we are running the Flocks Challenge from next week. Get your team involved by getting involved yourself, and we’ll measure the impact this has had on your team. Just 3 sessions a week, for 3 weeks. We believe at the end of that, your team members will feel a marked improvement in their work and life.

All this for free.

Yep, FLOWN is free for now, so here is what is involved in the Flocks Challenge:

  1. Sign-up for FLOWN at flown.com
  2. Commit to 3 Flocks sessions a week, for 3 weeks (you can add them all to your calendar from here)
  3. Measure your baseline levels of productivity, creativity and contentment first here (we’ll measure again at the end to assess impact)

We’ll send you a small gift for signing up to the Flocks Challenge, and a slightly bigger one for finishing it 😎

Give it a try.

The worst case scenario: you’ve fenced off a few hours a week of time to work on important projects. Not bad, right? Best case: you and your team discover a transformative way of working long term. To quote one of our regular members:

I really believe Flocks are incredibly powerful for people. On a personal level, I used to struggle heavily with anxiety driven by to-do list worries and since starting doing Flocks regularly, that has completely stopped. In fact, it’s gone so far the other way that I feel proud of my achievements come the end of the day and switch off happily – that is HUGE for me and my mental health of the past.

So take a punt that you can’t lose on. Join the Flocks Challenge next week! You can read more about it here, and below I’ve included copy you can forward to your team to onboard them onto the Challenge:

Dear team,

I’d love us to become more productive and creative in 3 weeks… I’d like us all to take part in FLOWN’s Flocks Challenge to see if deep work can make us more productive, creative and content!

We’ll start 10th May and go for 3 weeks.

Next steps for Flocks Challenge:

  1. Join FLOWN (its free) at flown.com
  2. Commit to 3 Flocks sessions per week, for 3 weeks (schedule them in now here) – starting week commencing Monday 10th May
  3. Measure your current productivity, creativity and contentment before you start in this Flocks Challenge form

Please reply to me directly to let me know if you sign up so we can all start together! I’m keen to create a ‘deep work culture’, so I’ll be leading by example. It is important to me you feel you can focus chunks of time on creating real value, as opposed to just being in meetings or answering emails all day.

FLOWN will send you a little gift for joining, and then in 3 weeks, we’ll measure again, and see if deep work sessions has made a difference! You can read more about FLOWN and what deep work can do for you here.

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