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FLOWN is flying

It takes a certain amount of audacity to launch a travel-related start-up in the middle of a global pandemic.

But, FLOWN was never really about travel.

Travel is a means to an end. What I wanted to achieve was a change in how we thought about work, particularly the creative or meaningful parts of our work. It just was stupefyingly obvious to me that if the prime asset in knowledge-based organisations was the thoughtworks of their team members, then creating the physical and mental environment best suited for this type of exertion should be a paramount. And in most businesses, it just wasn’t.

After 14 years of building businesses, I have learnt a lot about how to bring out the best in teams, and how to create true innovation. And after learning about ‘deep work’ and ‘flow’, and experiencing personally how transformative it was to dedicate pockets of time to getting into these states, I knew this is what I wanted to offer the world.

And then COVID changed the world.

I was planning on starting FLOWN anyway early 2020, and then as offices closed down, and everyone adapted to working remotely, I realised that the essential ingredient for mass adoption of FLOWN had arrived: companies now understood their employees didn’t need to be in the office in order to be productive. I realised some form of remote-work policy was going to be ubiquitous going forward.

So it seemed the perfect time to start building a platform offering individuals and companies the ability to get away from their day-to-day (whether that returned to being a distraction-filled office, or remained being the monotony of working from home) in order to do their more creative and productive thinking and working. Sourcing and setting up inspiring ergonomic places to do this became our product FLOWN Away.

However, I didn’t just want to be a travel company.

Travel is only part of the solution. Few of us can justify being on the road all the time. For the rest of us, we need tools we can use in our normal day-to-day that can weave a bit of magic and sparkle into the way we work. That is what I wanted to achieve with FLOWN Here.

FLOWN Here is the yin to FLOWN Away’s yang.

We are launching with 4 tools within FLOWN Here, each serving a role in helping our customers access a deep work state, no matter where they are:

🐦. Flocks are a set of facilitated deep work rituals. Join a Morning Take-Off to communally journal and set your goals for the day; or a Daily Deep Dive to work in silence with a community of fellow thinkers for an hour or two. It sounds weird, but it totally works, honestly!

🗺. Quests are a collection of playful meditative challenges. They get you out into the world, tapping into different senses and perceptions, strengthening your creative muscles. If you like meditation, Quests are a more active form of drawing your attention away from your busy mind, and towards new perspectives.

🎓. The FLOWN Academy is a collection of short-form videos. Mesmerisingly led by our deep work mage Micah, he’ll teach you how to weave deep work principles into your life.

📚 The FLOWN Almanac is a repository of quirky nuggets of knowledge. It will inspire and amuse, and form a welcome alternative to depressing news doom-scrolling or attention-depleting social media.

As we grow, we’ll expand this offering to include products that help you connect and ideate with diverse thinkers, and learn about partner products that support our deep work mission.

Wrapped in a membership.

That is why we decided to wrap everything up into a membership… FLOWN is more than a travel site – we are a platform delivering creativity and productivity to you, in a similar way to how Calm and Headspace offers meditation and mindfulness to you.

While we are launching and learning, we’re starting with free Individual memberships, but later this year we’ll release paid business and enterprise solutions, that include software for managing distributed workspace budgets and FLOWN as an employee benefit.

The ideal usage of FLOWN would be a member who:

  • books a quarterly ‘think week’ like Bill Gates from Microsoft used to, to get away from the reactivity and activity of their normal working life so they can contemplate, plan, strategise, and refresh their creativity and passion.
  • uses Flocks daily to establish a productive routine into their working life
  • uses Quests daily during their work breaks to give their cerebral side a break and strengthen their other powers
  • reads Almanac and watches Academy entries daily, to sharpen their curiosity and learning muscles

I welcome you to give FLOWN a try! It is all bit new and odd, I know. But all innovation and great movements begin with stepping outside of your normal day-to-day, and this is a change that can only bring more play, more joy, more richness and contentment into your life. There is nothing to lose 🙂

Join FLOWN now for free

Normally £50 per quarter, FLOWN is available now for a limited time for free, so you can try out all these great tools and, of course, book yourself a much-needed escape to think and create somewhere new. We don’t charge any member-side booking fees, our properties price match, and our curated collection of inspiring properties come equipped with your ideal workspace (desk, monitor, whiteboard, etc), why wouldn’t you book with us? 😉

So come on over to flown.com, check out our rather gorgeous website, become a member, and start booking your next work-related trip (our invoices will confirm this is a work-related expense).

Thanks for reading, and for being a loving bystander as we begin our flight!

Much love,

Alicia Navarro

Founder & CEO

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